Day: April 9, 2020

Macau city tour | Second Class Restaurant

Macau city tour, in addition to seeing attractions, tasting historical background, and playing entertainment facilities, how can you miss the taste of food? Today, I will share with you 27 Macao second-class restaurants, bring a gourmet guide to your food tour. Macau Peninsula(22) 1.A LORCHA PORTUGUESE・ STAR MERCHANT AWARD Address :  Rua do Almirante Sérgio, n.º 289-AA e n.º 289-BA, r/c, Macau Opening Hours :  12:30-15:00 18:30-23:00 Tel :  +853 2831 3193 Fax :  +853 2896 6842 Website :  http://alorcha.com Read More

Macau night tour guide where to stay hotel guide to share

Macau Nightlife tour guide Macao’s nightlife is famous for its variety, its frenetic pace and constant change. This is a city that never sleeps, with plenty of bars, restaurants and discos open all night long. Lots for visitors to see and experience in Macao – even in the middle of the night! Bars & Lounges If you are looking for bars and pubs, you will find a great number of them along the Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen close to the Read More