Day: April 15, 2020

Macau trip,Enchanting Stories of Our Lady of Fatima Parish

Macau trip,in this lovely old parish where two different cultures coexist harmoniously, you’ll be stunned with the stories of how these two civilisations encounter and embrace each other. 1.Border Gate (Portas do Cerco) With the new underground passenger terminal, it is now more convenient for locals to travel to Zhuhai. Passengers at the underground bus terminal can reach the Border Gate Square through the linked escalator, elevator and stair case. 17 bus lines service the bus terminal with clear signboards Read More

Macau travel itinerary,Bygone Days of Taipa Village

Macau as a whole can be divided into three parts: Macao Peninsula, Taipa Island, and Coloane Island. We have shared Nostalgia in Coloane in Macau before, and today we will share Bygone Days of Taipa Village with you. Strolling along the narrow streets and lanes of the lovely old district, you’ll see a lot of historic buildings that offer you a glimpse of Macao’s old time village life. 1.I Leng Temple in Taipa Built in the 26th year of Emperor Read More

Visit macau,Pedicab Tour

When we visit Macau, we can experience the gaming stimulation of gaming, we can go to luxury hotels to experience the ultimate service, or we can go to major shopping malls to experience the thrill of buying and buying. In addition, we have other options. We take Pedicab Experience a peaceful journey of the soul. Running on three wheels with a hooded cab, a pedicab is a tricycle designed to carry passengers as a means of transportation in Macao. Combining Read More