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9 Must Visit macau tourist spots & Travel Guide in2020

macau tourist spots

Macau have many tourist spots to visit . Macau can be divided into Macau Peninsula, Taipa Island and Coloane Island according to its main attractions. Macao’s well-known attractions are located on each island, so don’t miss it. Although it seems that the distribution of attractions is not concentrated enough, the area of ​​Macau is relatively small. If it is arranged reasonably, it can generally enjoy the style of Macau in 1-2 days.

The most classic tourist spots in Macau are the historical districts of Macau listed as World Heritage Sites. Here is a collection of centuries-old buildings, the most famous of which is the icon of Macau: the Grand Semba Memorial Arch. The Baroque-style church built under the influence of Europe is also a beautiful scenery here.

macau tourist spotsⅠ. Archaic archway of Sansamba, scientific name is the ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral

The Grand Semba Torii is one of Macau’s iconic buildings, and it is also one of the eight famous sights of Macau. It became the United Nations World Cultural Heritage in 2005.

Although everyone knows that the Dasanba torii is crowded every day, and it ’s shoulder-to-shoulder, but it does n’t seem possible to go to Macau to check in the Dasanba torii. After all, it has witnessed a century of vicissitudes in Macau. After many natural disasters and then reconstruction, it is truly moving and amazing that this broken wall has stood for 100 years!

Ⅱ.The front of the Senatemacau tourist spots

Very lively place, as a square, it is full of popularity. Go to the Senado to see the night view of Macau. The scenery is not bad. It is a good place to experience the popularity of Macau. The popularity of Boiling is matched with the surrounding Portuguese-style buildings, which is considered to be a unique style of Macau. It is recommended to go here to experience Macau. Non-text can describe it clearly.

macau tourist spotsⅢ, the large battery

Embark on the Macau Fortress overlooking the peninsula to experience the vicissitudes of history and take a photo with Grand Lisboa Hotel.

The Cannon Fort is located on Shishi Mountain near Dasamba Memorial Archway. It was built in 1616 to prevent Dutch and pirate attacks. Now one of the important historical monuments in Macau, you can visit the centuries-old cannons and overlook the beauty of Macau on the fort, and you can also visit the nearby Macau Museum at the same time. You can visit two places in one place, and you can also enjoy the view of the Macau Peninsula from a nearly 360-degree perspective. It is worth visiting for free.

At present, this attraction has a large green area, with ancient trees and tree-lined views. You can overlook Macau here, as if it is displayed in front of a large sand table. Here you can see almost all the iconic buildings on the Macau Peninsula, and it is also a good place for photography.

Ⅳ, Rose Hallmacau tourist spots

I’ve seen Macau’s iconic archway, Sanpai Archway, and after walking back in front of the Senate, you will see a three-storey European-style building with a bright yellow exterior. The full name is the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary and the Church of Santo Domingo. They are also part of the historical heritage of Macau, the World Heritage Site.

From the outside, the church building is magnificent, and the baroque altar is elegant and exquisite. The entire church building has a typical Basilica-style flat style, and its internal architecture is integrated into the Baroque style. The “relic treasury” next to the church houses more than 300 precious Macau Catholic relics.

It is free to visit. There are not many visitors. The exterior of the church is yellowish. The main tone of the interior is also yellow. The Rose Hall is dedicated to the Holy Rosary of the Catholic Church. Interesting oil paintings and withered statues, especially the most famous statue of Jesus Christ, can be visited in 20 minutes. The entire historical district of Macau is really a step by step building, a step by step scenery.

macau tourist spotsⅤ. Macau Tower

From Da Samba, take bus seven stops to reach Macau Tower. Tickets can be bought online, and the check is quick. From the lobby on the first floor, take the escalator down to the negative floor, and then go straight to the elevator to the 61-story roundabout restaurant. You can spend 25 Hong Kong dollars to buy a telescope gold card. You can see the new Putin on the opposite side, feeling very heartbeat.

Ⅵ.Longhuan Portuguese Rhyme Residence Museummacau tourist spots

Dragon ring Portuguese charm, exuding European style!

“Longhuan Portuguese Rhyme” is one of the eight scenic spots in Macau. The landscape includes five Portuguese houses on the seaside road, Carmo church, library and two small parks. Among them, there are one hundred and fifteen small green buildings on the Portuguese roadside complex The villa is considered an important cultural relic and cultural heritage.

Longhuan Yunyun is also a mangrove wetland, and you can see birds such as black-faced spoonbill, egret, grey heron, kingfisher, and emu!

macau tourist spotsⅦ, Macau’s cool black beaches

Niche attractions in Macau, away from paper drunk gold fans, feel the black beaches with special charm!

Heisha Park (Macau Coloane Island) The black sand beach is a mature beach bathing area, bathing and showering, restaurants, camping, and facilities to relax in the water.

If staying at Luhuan Haitian Hotel, you can walk to the shipwreck along the extension of the hotel and enjoy the whole black sand.

The fine black sand is due to the black secondary mineral chlorite formed in the specific environment of the ocean. Under the influence of the ocean current, the sea green stone is transported to the near shore, and then carried to the beach by the waves, so that the original white sandy beach becomes a distinctive black sandy beach!

You can see the waves mixed with the black sand surging from a distance, or you can step on the thin black sand with bare feet.

Ⅷ.Church of San Lorenzomacau tourist spots

San Lorenzo Church is also the oldest three churches in Macau. It is also known as Fung Shun Tong. Many years ago, Fung Shun Tong in the Chinese population was called Hyacinth Church. Unlike the Rose Church and the St. Joseph’s Chapel, the church of San Lorenzo is so tall and powerful that the European classic style has a Baroque flavor.

The roof of the church is a Chinese-style gold-shaped tile surface, and the interior decoration is full of oriental colors and elegant and fun. The hall is spacious and magnificent, with huge beams and columns and exquisite chandeliers, which are luxurious and magnificent. The church of San Lorenzo is not far away from the Maku Temple, which has witnessed the collision and integration of Western and Chinese culture.

macau tourist spotsⅨ, front of the post

The empty hilltop front, southern European-style buildings and vegetation, historic streets, with a touch of cool but comfortable temperature, all of which are blurred by the dim street lights It is intoxicating, we walk on the road without any thoughts, enjoy this moment of tranquility, walk in the chaos of time, and laugh foolishly.

Macau’s list of tourist spots to see is ready, isn’t it really going to take a look in 2020?

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