Macau travel itinerary,Bygone Days of Taipa Village

Macau as a whole can be divided into three parts: Macao Peninsula, Taipa Island, and Coloane Island. We have shared Nostalgia in Coloane in Macau before, and today we will share Bygone Days of Taipa Village with you. Strolling along the narrow streets and lanes of the lovely old district, you’ll see a lot of historic buildings that offer you a glimpse of Macao’s old time village life. 1.I Leng Temple in Taipa Built in the 26th year of Emperor Read More

Visit macau,Pedicab Tour

When we visit Macau, we can experience the gaming stimulation of gaming, we can go to luxury hotels to experience the ultimate service, or we can go to major shopping malls to experience the thrill of buying and buying. In addition, we have other options. We take Pedicab Experience a peaceful journey of the soul. Running on three wheels with a hooded cab, a pedicab is a tricycle designed to carry passengers as a means of transportation in Macao. Combining Read More

Macau travel itinerary,Nostalgia in Coloane

Macau is small in area but has many attractions. How do you plan and arrange your travel routes? Do n’t worry. Today, share a Nostalgia in Coloane route with you. Embrace the tranquility of village life and enjoy local delicacies found in this old neighbourhood. Let the sea breeze softly caress your face. A journey that rejuvenates your soul. 1.Largo do Presidente António Ramalho Eanes The small Square, named after the visit of the Portuguese President António Ramalho Eanes to Read More

Macau travel,wonderful perfomance

How can you miss a wonderful show when traveling to Macau? Many large casinos in Macau have different performances, usually half an hour to one hour each. As long as the time is planned, different performances can be performed in front of you in a day. Today I will share with you a wonderful performance in Macau. 1.The House of Dancing Water Created and directed by Franco Dragone, the USD250 million production ‘The House of Dancing Water’ is a breathtaking Read More

Macau travel,Cultural & Creative Industries Zones

Macau travel, how can you miss the cultural experience of Macau? Macao is a city where East meets West, a place where traditional Chinese culture has assimilated Portuguese and Western ways to create a unique cultural mix. The many beautiful historic buildings evoke the city’s collective memories, and this small city – overflowing with traditional elements – lends a wealth of inspiration to the flourishing local arts community. 1.10 Fantasia – A Creative Industries Incubator Located in St. Lazarus Parish Read More

Macau tour, Food and Beverage Establishments in Macau Peninsula

In the previous article, we shared the Food and Beverage Establishments on Macau ’s Taipa Island, and today we will share the Food and Beverage Establishments on the Macau Peninsula. 1.ESTABELECIMENTO DE COMIDAS EDO JAPANESE FOOD ESTABLISHMENT・ SERVICE STAR AWARD・ STAR MERCHANT AWARD Award Validity 2014-2015; 2018-2019; 2019-2020 Address : Avenida da Amizade, Hotel Lisboa, R/C, Cave 1 da Ala Velha (Ala Redonda) Macau Opening Hours : 11:00-04:00 Tel : +853 2871 3888 Fax : +853 2871 5658 Website : Read More

Macau tour, Food and Beverage Establishments in Taipa

In addition to going to Michelin restaurants and award-winning restaurants, looking for food in Macau is also a pleasure to find food and drinks on the streets!Today we will share the Food and Beverage Establishments on Macau’s Taipa Island. 1.BORBULHAS DE AMOR BEVERAGE ESTABLISHMENT・ STAR MERCHANT AWARDAddress : Avenida da Nave Desportiva-Zona de Aterro Entre Taipa e coloane, R/C do Hotel Wynn PalaceOpening Hours : 09:00-21:00Tel : +853 8889 3669Fax : +853 8889 3600Website : http://www.wynnpalace.com 2.CAFÉ LEON FOOD ESTABLISHMENT・ Read More

Macau city tour | Second Class Restaurant

Macau city tour, in addition to seeing attractions, tasting historical background, and playing entertainment facilities, how can you miss the taste of food? Today, I will share with you 27 Macao second-class restaurants, bring a gourmet guide to your food tour. Macau Peninsula(22) 1.A LORCHA PORTUGUESE・ STAR MERCHANT AWARD Address :  Rua do Almirante Sérgio, n.º 289-AA e n.º 289-BA, r/c, Macau Opening Hours :  12:30-15:00 18:30-23:00 Tel :  +853 2831 3193 Fax :  +853 2896 6842 Website :  http://alorcha.com Read More

Macau night tour guide where to stay hotel guide to share

Macau Nightlife tour guide Macao’s nightlife is famous for its variety, its frenetic pace and constant change. This is a city that never sleeps, with plenty of bars, restaurants and discos open all night long. Lots for visitors to see and experience in Macao – even in the middle of the night! Bars & Lounges If you are looking for bars and pubs, you will find a great number of them along the Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen close to the Read More

Macau travel guide | Macau Taipa First Class Restaurant

Walking out of the house to travel, in addition to perceiving the local cultural landscape, experiencing the local folk culture, and tasting food is also a happy thing. We continue to share those first-class restaurants in Macau. Here we mainly share 78 first-class restaurants in Taipa, Macau . 1.PORTOFINO ITALIAN・ SERVICE STAR AWARD・ STAR MERCHANT AWARD Award Validity 2019-2020 Address : COTAI, a Poente do Istmo Taipa-Coloane e a Sul da Baía da Nossa Senhora de Esperança, loja 1040, Level Read More