Macau travel guide | 2-star Guest House

Macau Hotel Accommodation Guide.In addition to 2-star hotels, there are 2-star Guest House in Macau accommodations.I will share with you 29 2-star Guest House in Macau today. 2-star Guest House 5 FOOTWAY INN ASIA BOUTIQUE INN CHENG CHENG COSTA FONG LOI HOI VAN HOSPEDARIA SAN VA HOU VA IOK CHU KA VA MAN-KOK MENG MENG NAM LONG NEW GOLDEN GATE PENSÃO FAMILIA BILIONÁRIA PENSÃO FAMÍLIA PERFEITA PENSÃO KENG IUT PENSÃO WA FAT PENSÃO YUE ZI SAN TUNG FONG COMMERCIAL INN, Read More

Macau tour | Macao Aquatic Trek &Wellness

Macau is close to the sea, how can you miss the upper reaches of Macau when traveling to Macau. Going to a spa after a game can’t be better. Macao Aquatic Trek Operated by Yuet Tung Shipping Co., Ltd Operated by Shun Tak-China Travel Ship Management (Macau) Limited The Journey of “Reel Fun” 1.Operated by Yuet Tung Shipping Co., Ltd “Blue Whale No. 1” and “Yuet Tung No. 3” commenced service in September 2018 with two routes a day sailing Read More

Macau travel guide | Macau First Class Restaurant(Macau Peninsula&Coloane)

Macau Travel Gourmet Guide, there are 118 first-class restaurants in Macau. Here we share 39 of the Macau Peninsula and 1 of Coloane. Next time we will continue to share 78 of Taipa Island. Macau Peninsula 360º CAFÉ RESTAURANT 99 NOODLES CAFÉ ENCORE CIAO CLUB M-DRAGON EDO JAPANESE RESTAURANT EMPEROR COURT FAT SIU LAU FEDERAL GOLD MOON GARDEN GRAND EMPEROR COURT HIP SENG IMPERIAL JADE ORCHID KA NIN WA LITORAL LUA AZUL ME METRÓPOLE NAAM THAI NOODLE SHOP – MOONLIGHT Read More

Macau travel guide | 2-star Hotel

Macau hotel accommodation guide, 2 star hotels can also be very comfortable. Share with you a 2-star hotel accommodation guide today. 2-star Hotel CARAVEL HOTEL EAST ASIA HAPPY FAMILY HOTEL HOLIDAY HONG THAI HOTEL HOTEL CINCO OCEANOS HOU KONG I FU HOTEL JAI ALAI KOU VA LONDON MACAU MASTERS HOTEL MAN VA OLE TAI SAM UN HOTEL S HOTEL 1.CARAVEL HOTEL Address :Rua de Guimarães, n.°s 96-126, Macau Tel :+853 2825 0108 E-mail :frontdesk@caravelhotelmacau.com Website :https://www.caravelhotelmacau.com No. of Rooms : Read More

Macau travel guide | USEFUL INFO

Knowing some local knowledge when traveling abroad can make our travel smoother. Let me share some useful information about Macau today. Tourist Information 1.Largo do Senado, Edif. Ritz Opening Hours :09:00-20:00 Tel :+853 8397 1120 Fax : +853 8397 1116 2.Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal Opening Hours : Temporarily closed Tel :+853 2872 6416 Fax :+853 2872 6417 3.Border Gate Opening Hours : 09:00-20:00 Tel :+853 2843 9310 Fax : +853 2843 9311 4.Macau International Airport Opening Hours :09:00-20:00 Tel :+853 Read More

Macau travel guide | Macau luxury restaurants

Macau Travel Gourmet Guide. In the previous article, we shared the local food of Macau, Chinese dishes, especially Cantonese dishes, Portuguese dishes and other cuisines. Today we share the award-winning luxury restaurants in Macau. 52 RESULTS Peninsula of Macao:33 Taipa Island:17 Coloane Island:2 Peninsula of Macao 456 XANGAI 888 GOURMET PLACE AUX BEAUX ARTS BELA VISTA BRASSERIE DE PARIS CAFÉ ESPLANADA CAFÉ NOITE E DIA CATALPA GARDEN COFFEE SHOP COPA DON ALFONSO 1890-MACAO FADO FENG WEI JU GOLDEN COURT GOLDEN Read More

Macau travel | ABOUT MACAU

Before traveling to Macau, knowing Macau, his history, and his heritage will make travel more interesting. A Brief History Location & Time Population Language Currency Climate & Clothing Water & Electricity Healthcare & Hospitals Communication 1.A Brief History Fishermen from Fujian and farmers from Guangdong were the first known settlers in Macao, when it was known as Ou Mun, or “trading gate”, because of its location at the mouth of the Pearl River downstream from Guangzhou (Canton). During ancient times Read More

Macau tour | Sports & Recreation

Macau tour can not only go shopping, taste food, watch the beautiful scenery, but also enjoy the fun of experiencing games. Macao’s wide spectrum of sports and recreation facilities is sure to energize any trip to the territory! The sub-tropical climate accommodates year-round outdoor activities, whilst there are also plenty of high quality indoor venues to engage in your favourite sport, too. Karting, swimming, hiking, bowling, cycling, golfing, ice-skating, canoeing and windsurfing are just some of the sports on offer, Read More

Macau itinerary | Shopping by Zone

When traveling to Macau for shopping, time and other reasons may not be able to travel throughout Macau. This article mainly introduces shopping locations in Macau’s six districts. Shopping by Zone Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro Ruins of St. Paul’s District S. Domingos District Horta e Costa District Taipa Old Village Souvenirs Shopping Malls in Cotai District 1.Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro: Jewellery, souvenirs (near Travessa do Auto Novo & Rua da Felicidade), dried seafood. Avenida de Almeida Read More

Macau tour | Open Top Bus Tour

Macau travel, you can take a convertible car for sightseeing. You can go to multiple scenic spots and guides along the way. Share Open Top Bus Tour One-Day with everyone. Savour Macao’s famous landmarks and World Heritage gems with an Open Top Bus Tour One-Day Pass with free hop-on, hop-off at various tourist attractions. Or enjoy the twinkling lights of the city via the Open Top Bus Night Tour. All tours include an English and Mandarin tour guide. Open Top Read More