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Cunha Street, the most popular old street in Macau

Cunha Street

Cunha Street is one of the important constituent streets of Taipa’s old town, and it is also a well-known souvenir street.

Cunha Street
Cunha Street
  • Chinese name: 官也街
  • Length: 121m
  • Width: 5m
  • Name time: 1884
  • English name: Cunha Street
  • Portuguese name: Rua do Cunha

Macau has a unique geographical location, different humanities and history, and its architectural style is also a fusion of Eastern culture and Western culture. Because it is close to China and Portugal, it has been affected by them. In addition, in the neighborhoods of Macau, you can also see a lot of buildings full of historical charm. The antique streets can make you feel like you are back in the past and you ca n’t help yourself. The most important thing is that the food on the street is very tempting. It fills the whole street. At night, no matter where you go, you will always be attracted by this taste. Stop and enjoy it. This place is full of mysteries but very tempting is Macau.

When I go to Macau, I believe that many people will go to some very famous attractions, because there you can fully feel the scenery and characteristics of Macau. Of course, every year when the tourist season is high, there are crowds of people, and you will also see many foreigners. But today I will take you away from those famous attractions to experience the purest taste of Macau, Macau culture, and Macau cuisine.

Cunha Street
Cunha Street

This place is Cunha Street in Macau. This is the most popular old street in Macau. This street is not long, only 120 meters long and only 5 meters wide. But in such a very limited space, there are all kinds of food everywhere, so many friends who come to Macau for the first time leave a deep impression on this place, and they attract many people from all over the world every year. Friends come here to check in, because this is the most traditional street in Macau, and retains many of the original appearances of Macau. It is precise because of this that you are eating food here, looking at people coming and going, you can feel the local Macao Unique city culture.

Cunha Street
Cunha Street

For some foodies friends, Cunha Street is the first choice for tasting Macao cuisine. There are traditional Chinese snacks and the most authentic Cantonese style. Of course, you will also eat a lot of Portuguese cuisines. In short here is everything, and every food can make you unable to control your appetite, just eat right.

Although Cunha Street is very old, the people here are very crowded, especially on holidays, it is very lively, and this street has a history of 400 years. The development of Macau is more like a god silently guarding the city. Walk on the street, feel its history and culture, and witness its magical changes.

Traditional Chinese festivals are full of festive atmosphere. If you have a chance, you must come to Cunha Street to personally experience the taste of Macau.

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