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The gastronomy column focuses on the cuisines that exist in Macau. Macau not only has Michelin cuisine that is tall and tall, but also delicious snacks that exist in the market.

Macau cuisine, delicious in street shops

When it comes to Macau cuisine, everyone thinks of pork shops, almond cookies, and so on. After going to Macao for a long time, you must buy these products. You must buy these things! But it was not easy to come to Macau, wasting time lining up to buy souvenirs, but did not enjoy the customs and customs here. In fact, these are hidden in the alleys of the deep streets and are not surprisingly small, they are the authentic Read More

Macau on the tip of the tongue, the dessert route

Let me give you a wave of “dessert menu” roadmap:Andrew Bakery: the originator of Macau egg tarts;Hong Xin coconut: authentic coconut ice cream;Shengji white porridge: sweet and smooth;Isaac Toast Coffee: Just match the sauce;Macao Ying Kee Bakery: Almond cookies are crunchy and delicious;Lemon Cherokee: Hand-drawn ice cream. 1. Andrew Cake Shop Why can’t you come to Macau to eat Andrew’s egg tart spread all over the streets? Of course, Portuguese tart must be eaten. A small egg tart can always Read More

Ten popular must-eat foods in Macau trip

Macau, as a city with many Michelin restaurants, is a veritable food paradise. Today we do not talk about Michelin restaurants, we share the food that exists in the streets. 1. Portuguese Egg Tart Portuguese egg tart, also known as Portuguese cream tower, caramel macchiato egg tart. Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong are called Portuguese tart, which is a small cream puff pastry. It is a kind of egg tart, and its black surface is characteristic. In 1989, the British Read More

Macau tour, Food and Beverage Establishments in Macau Peninsula

In the previous article, we shared the Food and Beverage Establishments on Macau ’s Taipa Island, and today we will share the Food and Beverage Establishments on the Macau Peninsula. 1.ESTABELECIMENTO DE COMIDAS EDO JAPANESE FOOD ESTABLISHMENT・ SERVICE STAR AWARD・ STAR MERCHANT AWARD Award Validity 2014-2015; 2018-2019; 2019-2020 Address : Avenida da Amizade, Hotel Lisboa, R/C, Cave 1 da Ala Velha (Ala Redonda) Macau Opening Hours : 11:00-04:00 Tel : +853 2871 3888 Fax : +853 2871 5658 Website : Read More

Macau tour, Food and Beverage Establishments in Taipa

In addition to going to Michelin restaurants and award-winning restaurants, looking for food in Macau is also a pleasure to find food and drinks on the streets!Today we will share the Food and Beverage Establishments on Macau’s Taipa Island. 1.BORBULHAS DE AMOR BEVERAGE ESTABLISHMENT・ STAR MERCHANT AWARDAddress : Avenida da Nave Desportiva-Zona de Aterro Entre Taipa e coloane, R/C do Hotel Wynn PalaceOpening Hours : 09:00-21:00Tel : +853 8889 3669Fax : +853 8889 3600Website : http://www.wynnpalace.com 2.CAFÉ LEON FOOD ESTABLISHMENT・ Read More

Macau city tour | Second Class Restaurant

Macau city tour, in addition to seeing attractions, tasting historical background, and playing entertainment facilities, how can you miss the taste of food? Today, I will share with you 27 Macao second-class restaurants, bring a gourmet guide to your food tour. Macau Peninsula(22) 1.A LORCHA PORTUGUESE・ STAR MERCHANT AWARD Address :  Rua do Almirante Sérgio, n.º 289-AA e n.º 289-BA, r/c, Macau Opening Hours :  12:30-15:00 18:30-23:00 Tel :  +853 2831 3193 Fax :  +853 2896 6842 Website :  http://alorcha.com Read More

Macau travel guide | Macau Taipa First Class Restaurant

Walking out of the house to travel, in addition to perceiving the local cultural landscape, experiencing the local folk culture, and tasting food is also a happy thing. We continue to share those first-class restaurants in Macau. Here we mainly share 78 first-class restaurants in Taipa, Macau . 1.PORTOFINO ITALIAN・ SERVICE STAR AWARD・ STAR MERCHANT AWARD Award Validity 2019-2020 Address : COTAI, a Poente do Istmo Taipa-Coloane e a Sul da Baía da Nossa Senhora de Esperança, loja 1040, Level Read More

Macau travel guide | Macau First Class Restaurant(Macau Peninsula&Coloane)

Macau Travel Gourmet Guide, there are 118 first-class restaurants in Macau. Here we share 39 of the Macau Peninsula and 1 of Coloane. Next time we will continue to share 78 of Taipa Island. Macau Peninsula 360º CAFÉ RESTAURANT 99 NOODLES CAFÉ ENCORE CIAO CLUB M-DRAGON EDO JAPANESE RESTAURANT EMPEROR COURT FAT SIU LAU FEDERAL GOLD MOON GARDEN GRAND EMPEROR COURT HIP SENG IMPERIAL JADE ORCHID KA NIN WA LITORAL LUA AZUL ME METRÓPOLE NAAM THAI NOODLE SHOP – MOONLIGHT Read More

Macau travel guide | Macau luxury restaurants

Macau Travel Gourmet Guide. In the previous article, we shared the local food of Macau, Chinese dishes, especially Cantonese dishes, Portuguese dishes and other cuisines. Today we share the award-winning luxury restaurants in Macau. 52 RESULTS Peninsula of Macao:33 Taipa Island:17 Coloane Island:2 Peninsula of Macao 456 XANGAI 888 GOURMET PLACE AUX BEAUX ARTS BELA VISTA BRASSERIE DE PARIS CAFÉ ESPLANADA CAFÉ NOITE E DIA CATALPA GARDEN COFFEE SHOP COPA DON ALFONSO 1890-MACAO FADO FENG WEI JU GOLDEN COURT GOLDEN Read More

Macau Travel Guide|Dessert by Macanese & Portuguese Dishes

Macau Food Travel Guide, continue to introduce Macanese & Portuguese Dishes. In the previous two articles, we shared the appetizers and main dishes of Macanese & Portuguese Dishes respectively, and now I will share the desserts with you. Pastéis de Nata (Portuguese Egg Tarts) Though this dessert originated in a monastery in Portugal 200 years ago, it became popular only after it arrived Macao. The egg-custard stuffed pastry with a bitter caramel flavor really captivates everybody’s soul. Egg Pudding It’s Read More