Macau cuisine, delicious in street shops

Macau cuisine

When it comes to Macau cuisine, everyone thinks of pork shops, almond cookies, and so on. After going to Macao for a long time, you must buy these products. You must buy these things! But it was not easy to come to Macau, wasting time lining up to buy souvenirs, but did not enjoy the customs and customs here.

In fact, these are hidden in the alleys of the deep streets and are not surprisingly small, they are the authentic Macao cuisine recognized by the locals. When you come to Macau, you must go to these small shops. These tastes that can stand the test of time are more precious than the explosions that can’t be squeezed by the online red shop and others.

Today I recommend a few street shops that you must visit when you come to Macau.

1. Fatty Peanuts on the Street Peanut Candy

A Roadside Store that Can Stand Up

Macau cuisine
Fatty Kid Street Peanut Candy

No one knows the fat peanut butter in Macao. Now the fat man should become a fat man, but he still forms a long line in front of his stall, killing the beautifully decorated luxury stores next to it. For more than 20 years, Fei Bo has insisted on making peanut candy by hand, which is not as sweet as those sold outside and is not greasy at all.

Venue: Chezai stall, Fulongxin Street, Xinma Road (opposite to Juji Sou Xin)

2. Shixiang Fish Skin Peanuts

Snack Museum that has been precipitated for many years

Macau cuisine
Shixiang Fish Skin Peanut

A half-century-old Macau store, you can find some old-fashioned snacks that are almost extinct. Their fish skin peanuts are classic. The peanuts are light yellow in color and full of grains. They look much larger than other peanuts. The noodles were thin and crispy, chewing a few bites, the oily fragrance spread instantly.

Location: G / F, 27 Prince Street

3. Money cakes from the cake house in the distance

Chinese cake house hidden under the tea house

Macau cuisine
Money cake

It is a dim sum shop that inherits the old taste of Macau. This shop was formerly a tea house. After a bad operation, it closed down and opened this cake shop. There are many types of Chinese confectionery in the past. Its specialty money cake is named for its appearance like money.

Location: No. 52, Camp Street, Cinema Road

4. Cashew Cookies at Le Gong Bakery

Ace Cookies that Tourists Will Not Miss

Macau cuisine
Le Gong Bakery Cashew Cookies

Every time during the festival, a long queue will line up at Legong Bakery. This is a dim sum that many old Macao people buy every year during the festival-Legong Cookies, all of which are handmade and have a very buttery taste Heavy, but acceptable to locals, with crispy cashews, dense taste, sweet and not greasy.

Location: Shop L02, Lisboa Hotel, 2-4 Lisboa Road

5. Huashengxing Guiling Cream

A long-savored sugar water herbal tea shop

Macau cuisine
Huashengxing Turtle Cream

Hua Shengxing’s reputation is well-known at home and abroad. Many foreigners come here to eat a bowl of authentic Guiling cream. The swarthy tortoise cream is lustrous, moderately sweet, not bitter at all, cold and refreshing, and full of elasticity. It is perfect to go to a bowl of its tortoise cream in the hot summer.

Location: 75-B, City Road Hall, Costa

6. Victory Tea Restaurant Pork Chop Bun

A restaurant that is not surprising but often full

Macau cuisine
Victory Tea Restaurant Pork Chop Bun

Whether it is a shop that tourists or locals like very much, the most popular one is the pork chop bun. Its pork chop is fried. Unlike other fried pork chop, it can smell one as soon as it is served. It has a scent of coke, a bite, crispy on the outside, tender on the outside, and tender and juicy pork chop. It is very satisfying for meat lovers.

Venue: No. 91, Camp Street, Xinma Road (near the front of the Chamber)

In addition to the Michelin restaurants in Macau, these street shops are not allowed to be rough!

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