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Macau gambling king: the life of Ho Ho Hung San legend

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Ho Hung San (November 25, 1921-May 26, 2020), born in Hong Kong, the native of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao entrepreneurs, known as “Macau Gambler”, is the grandson of Sir Ho Dong One, the son of He Shiguang, ranked ninth at home.

Ho Hung San has many ethnic origins of Jewish, Dutch, British, and Chinese. It follows the traditional ancestry of the He Dong family and follows the mother line of Baoan, Guangdong.

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Ho Hung San

In 1961, the Australian-Portuguese government stipulated that the gaming industry must be implemented through a franchise system. Ho Hung San took the opportunity to return to Macau, cooperated with Huo Yingdong and others, and won the exclusive franchise of the casino in one fell swoop. step.

In the early 1990s, several casinos such as the “Palace Casino” were established in Macau. In addition to Hong Kong and Macau, Ho Hung San has also invested in many countries, including Vietnam, North Korea, the Philippines, and Portugal.

In addition to the gaming industry, Ho Hung San’s industry also involves real estate, construction, shipping, investment, and other fields.

As of 2011, its subsidiaries include Macau Gaming Holdings Limited, Hong Kong Melco International Group, Hong Kong Sind Group Co., Ltd., Macau International Airport Franchise Company, Ace International, Macau Chengxing Bank, etc.

In January 2008, Forbes magazine announced that Ho Hung San is the 19th richest person in Hong Kong; in February 2009, Forbes magazine pointed out that its net worth plummeted by nearly 90% due to the financial tsunami.

As of 2011, its assets under control amounted to 500 billion Hong Kong dollars, and personal wealth was 70 billion Hong Kong dollars. In the 2011 Forbes Hong Kong 40 Rich List, it ranked 13th with a net worth of 3.1 billion US dollars (about 20.4 billion yuan).

On June 12, 2018, Ho Hung San resigned as chairman of the company, executive director and member of the executive committee of the board of directors, and retired from the board of directors.

On May 26, 2020, Ho Hung San passed away at the age of 98.

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Ho Hung San

Name in Chinese: 何鸿燊
Foreign name: Ho Hung San, Stanley
Alias: Macau Gambler
Nationality: Chinese
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Date of Birth: November 25, 1921
Date of death: May 26, 2020
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Graduated from: University of Hong Kong
Family: He Qidong family
Subsidiaries: Macau Gaming Holdings Limited, Ace International, etc.
Major achievements:
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region “Golden Bauhinia Star” (GBS)
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region “Big Bauhinia Medal” (GBM)
Macau Special Administrative Region “Golden Lotus Medal” (GLM)
Macau Special Administrative Region “Grand Lotus Medal” (GML)
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region “JP” (JP) starts
Major achievements in the “Golden Bauhinia Star” (GBS)
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region “Big Bauhinia Medal” (GBM)
Macau Special Administrative Region “Golden Lotus Medal” (GLM)
Macau Special Administrative Region “Grand Lotus Medal” (GML)
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region “JP” (JP)
13th in the Forbes Hong Kong 40 Rich List 2011

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Ho Hung San

Honor achievement

Ho Hung San insists on protecting and promoting Macao ’s unique Chinese and Western culture because he believes that this is the advantage of Macao ’s sustainable development. Therefore, he participated in supporting various tourism, cultural and sports activities in Macau, including sponsoring the annual Macau Grand Grand Prix, Macau Art Festival, Macau Music Festival, etc.
In 1988, Ho Hung San donated a boxwood statue of a Bodhidharma and was hidden in the Palace Museum.
In 1990, the “Ho Hung San Aerospace Science and Technology Talent Training Foundation” was established, and in 1993, the “Ho Hung San Training Building” was built in Langfang, Hebei, to train aerospace science and technology talent.
In March 1999, Ho Hung San invested the US $ 3 million to support Beijing in the construction of the China Century Altar.
In early 2003, China’s Special Fund for the Rescue of Lost Overseas Cultural Relics found the whereabouts of the pig head bronze statue in the United States. After hard work, American collectors agreed to transfer the bronze statue of Hoshou, and Ho Hung San donated more than RMB 6 million to buy back the bronze statue.
At the beginning of September 2007, Ho Hung San purchased the bronze statue of Ma Shou, “Relics of the Eight-Power Allied Forces-Yuanmingyuan” for HK $ 69.1 million, and donated it to the country.
On June 12, 2009, five artworks including oil painting “Nanjing Treaty”, “Century Ceremony”, “Chairman Mao Zedong Meets with Heath”, and bronze sculptures “Mao Zedong” and “Deng Xiaoping” were all donated to the National Museum.
In 2009, white truffles were auctioned in Italy for the US $ 250,000. These donations raised for Macao were donated to Macao charities to benefit those in need.
In 2018, donated 10 million Hong Kong dollars to the victims of the earthquake in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province.
In November 2014, gambling king Ho Hung San celebrated his 93rd birthday and Lan Qiongying donated 2 million yuan to support public welfare. Mrs. Lan Qiongying and her five children Chaoqiong, Chaofeng, Chaoyi, Chaoyi, and Youlong donated HK $ 2 million to support the charity fundraising activities of “Congratulations and Donation” to promote the charity of Dr. He The happiest spirit is to share this joy and blessing with more than 2.3 million people in need in Hong Kong.

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Ho Hung San


In September 1982, during the visit of Mrs. Thatcher, the British Prime Minister, Ho Hung San talked to the press about the future of Hong Kong and firmly believed that Hong Kong would continue to prosper.
In 1989, Ho Hung San was named the Honorary Consul General of Bolivia in Macau by the Bolivian government.
He was awarded the Portuguese Cross Medal of Merit in June 1991.
In April 1990, they were received by Jiang Zemin, Yang Shangkun, Zou Jiahua, and other party and state leaders.
In 1998, one of the newly opened roads in Macau was named “Dr. Ho Hung San Road”. Ho Hung San is the first Chinese since Macao opened the port and was awarded this honor.
In 2001, he was awarded the “Golden Lotus Medal of Honor” by the Macau Special Administrative Region Government.
In 2003, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region granted it the “Golden Bauhinia Star”.
On December 15, 2004, he was awarded the “Commander’s Medal of the French Legion of Honor” by the French government.
In 2007, he was awarded the highest honor in Macau-“The Grand Lotus Medal of Honor”. In 2010, he was awarded the Hong Kong Grand Bauhinia Medal, and Chengtong was the first person to receive the highest Hong Kong and Macau Medal of Honor.
In August 2008, he served as the torchbearer of the Beijing Olympic Games.
He has been awarded honorary citizenship in many cities in mainland China, such as Beijing and Guangzhou, and has repeatedly been awarded honorary titles by overseas governments. The honorary honors include the Portuguese Grand Order of the Cross, the British OBE title, the Holy See of the Holy See I, the knight of France, the French knighthood medal, the Japanese Ruibao Medal, the Malaysian Datuk Seri Honorary Medal, the Macau University of East Asia Society Honorary Doctorate of the Department of Science, Honorary Doctorate of the Department of Social Sciences of the University of Hong Kong, Standing Committee Member of the 9th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, etc.

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Ho Hung San

Social title

Managing Director, Macau Travel & Entertainment Corporation
Chairman of the Macau Jockey Club Board
Chairman of Macau Yiyuan Dog Racing Company
Vice-Chairman of Macau International Airport Franchise Company
Macau Foundation Trust Committee
Vice-Chairman of Macau Broadcasting Corporation
Chairman of Macau Tourism and Entertainment Corporation Foundation (Recreation, Welfare, Culture, and Education)
Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of East Asia (now the University of Macau)
Member of the Trust Committee of Jinghu Hospital
Chairman of the Board of Chengxing Bank Co., Ltd.
Hong Kong Sind Group Executive Chairman
Chairman of the Hong Kong Real Estate Association
Chairman of Aberdeen Catering Company
Chairman of Hong Kong Tomson Pacific Group
Chairman of Hong Kong World Trade Center
Trustee of Oriental Foundation
Chairman of He Hong Aerospace Science and Technology Talent Training Foundation

macau travel guide
Ho Hung San

Character evaluation

Ho Hung San’s personality is firm, personable, charming, emphasizing, and emphasizing righteousness. He is the most powerful, most profitable, most famous, and longest-standing gambler in Macau’s gaming history. His life is full of legend. At the same time, he also played a very important role in the historical process of Macao’s return to the motherland.

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