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Macau Grand Canal Shopping Guide

Grand Canal Shoppes

Spring and summer season change, it’s time to buy and buy in a year. Speaking of shopping, Macao, as an international metropolis, has the advantages of complete categories and tax exemption.

Grand Canal Shoppes
Macau Grand Canal Shopping

Macau’s tourism industry is relatively developed, so there are quite a lot of shopping centers. The more distinctive one is the Grand Canal Shopping Center on the third floor of the Venetian Hotel.

1. Overall Introduction

The Grand Canal Mall is the largest indoor shopping mall in Macau. It is located on the third floor of the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel. It covers an area of ​​968,000 square feet and gathers more than 350 shopping merchants, dozens of restaurants and 3 canals each 390 feet long.

Grand Canal Shoppes
Grand Canal Shopping

The canopy of the entire shopping center is man-made. The man-made blue sky is matched with floating clouds to create an outdoor feeling indoors. At the same time, the man-made canopy can also be replaced by day and night, and the sky is full of technology.

Grand Canal Shoppes

In line with the theme of the hotel “Venice”, three grand canals are traversed in the shopping center, and there are many Italian-style arch bridges on it. In the meantime, I really thought I was wandering in Venice.

2. Product type introduction

There are more than 350 shopping merchants in the mall, providing fashion, jewelry, accessories, gifts, services, restaurants and sports goods. The distribution of stores depends on the regional settings. Most of the stores in the same series are distributed in the same area. Don’t follow this inertia. The category is also very complete, and luxury brands and cheap brands also have their own distribution.

Grand Canal Shoppes

The main brands of cosmetics and skin care products are Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Lan Shu, Sa Sa, The Body Shop.

Longines, Earl, Bulgari, Cartier, which are common in jewelry products … There are basically all here; you can also find Taobao’s popular models with Taobao’s mentality!

Grand Canal Shoppes

Women’s clothing mainly includes Karen Millen, Wolfen and so on.

Sports and sports apparel include Adidas, Nike, PUMA, Superdry Sport, The Manchester United flagship store, etc.

3. Introduction of souvenir shop

The souvenir can also be solved together here.

Grand Canal Shoppes
kou kei bakery

Juxiang Garden and Juji Bakery, one is a time-honored brand and the other is a new-style cake shop.

Almond cookies are the first choice for souvenirs for travel in Macau. Both are sold. The taste is similar. The bite is relatively soft and not particularly sweet. The almond taste is very fragrant. Sea salt, meat floss and black sesame seeds of various flavors can be bought after tasting.

Grand Canal Shoppes
Egg broth

Meizhenxiang’s pork preserves can also be bought along the way. Although it is not a Macao specialty, it is delicious!

4. Food Introduction

Go shopping, tired, hungry, you can find a restaurant, have a coffee and have a rest.

Grand Canal Shoppes
Portuguese egg tarts

The Cantonese porridge dim sum in the food court is delicious, like the Haihuang Congee Restaurant and Tim Ho Wan. They both taste good. You can also try the Japanese ramen at Dongying Shibaban.

For coffee, there are Starbucks and Haagen-Dazs. In addition, Andrew’s Egg Tart must be eaten, and coffee drinks are also available.

The service staff of the Grand Canal Shopping Center are generally in Chinese, Cantonese and English, so there will be no problems in communication and communication, and most stores are able to pay cash-free.

5. Other Venetian shopping locations

The second and first floors of the Venetian can also be visited.

Yali, a duty-free shop on the second floor of the Venetian Center, is very affordable to buy cosmetics, and the price is relatively cheaper than elsewhere.
The Venetian has DFA on the first floor, and the dior, amani, and cpb are discounted all year round.

As the largest indoor shopping mall in Macau, the Grand Canal Shopping Center will never let you down, and don’t hurry up and buy it.

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