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Macau hotel booking considerations

Macau hotel booking

Enjoy a pleasant trip in Macao, stay in Legal Accommodation

When visiting Macao, lodge in licensed hotels or inns, do not stay in “illegal accommodation” operated without a license.

Refuse staying in illegal accommodation

①”Illegal accommodation” premises usually have problems threatening fire safety, hygiene, building safety and security. For your own safety, never stay in “illegal accommodation”.
②When an unlicensed inn is under investigation by law enforcement authorities, occupants must cooperate to provide relevant information.
③Occupants refusing to cooperate shall face a fine of $3,000 patacas.
Tourists declining to pay the fine within the stipulated time shall be prohibited to re-enter Macao.
④Occupants providing false information are liable to criminal responsibility.

How to identify an illegal inn

①At present, there is no legal “family hostel” or “B & B” (Bed and Breakfast) in Macao.
②All legal hotels, guest houses or inns have a license issued by the Macao Government Tourism Office, and the license should be placed in the accommodation premise.
③In case of doubt about the legality of the premise where you are staying, please check with the Macao Government Tourism Office by calling +853 2833 3000.
④You may also consult website of the Macao Government Tourism Office for information about licensed hotels, guest houses or inns: www.macaotourism.gov.mo

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