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Macau itinerary | Shopping by Zone

When traveling to Macau for shopping, time and other reasons may not be able to travel throughout Macau. This article mainly introduces shopping locations in Macau’s six districts.

Shopping by Zone

Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro
Ruins of St. Paul’s District
S. Domingos District
Horta e Costa District
Taipa Old Village Souvenirs
Shopping Malls in Cotai District

1.Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro

Macau itinerary

Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro: Jewellery, souvenirs (near Travessa do Auto Novo & Rua da Felicidade), dried seafood.

Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro is Macao’s commercial centre, a transportation hub, and a major thoroughfare. A visit to this area is a must for visitors exploring Macao. This busy district, brimming with Macao’s historic and cultural relics, is well known for its major jewellery stores which sell the latest designs. There are also traditional dried-seafood shops close to the end of the street and shops selling tasty sweetmeats in the alleys nearby.

2.Ruins of St. Paul’s District

Macau itinerary

Ruins of St. Paul’s District: Souvenirs, local creative products

The Ruins of St. Paul’s is Macao’s internationally renowned historic landmark, with the full cultural flavour of the city permeating the local creative products found here. In this area, you can find many souvenir shops plus a host of delicious cake, pastry and biscuit confections. In addition, long-established antique furniture stores offer visitors bargain-price period and reproduction pieces that can be efficiently shipped to buyers’ home countries at reasonable rates.

Nearby Attractions
Senado front
Distance: 130 meters
②Ren Ci Tang Building
Distance: 174 meters
③City Department Building
Distance: 216 meters

3.S. Domingos District

Macau itinerary

S. Domingos District (including the area of Rua de Pedro Nolasco da Silva & Avenida do Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida): Beauty makeup, shoes, fashion apparel (Sun Star City, Nga Meng Shopping Arcade & Ginza Plaza), bookstores, sports accessories, electrical appliance chain stores.

S. Domingos District is a shopping magnet for locals and visitors alike. Lots of fashion apparel may be found in Sun Star City, Nga Meng Shopping Arcade and Ginza Plaza. Other outlets sell brand shoes plus international brand cosmetics and beauty care products for ladies and gentlemen. In addition, several bookstores, sports accessory outlets and electrical appliance chain stores fulfil essential shopping needs.

4.Horta e Costa District

Macau itinerary

Horta e Costa District: Local fashion apparel, telephone & electronic products, export apparel (Three Lamps District).

Horta e Costa is a residential and shopping district primarily frequented by the local people of Macao. For a tourist, it is a great way to see where much of Macao’s population lives and shops and sample a bit of local culture. It has a rich selection of retail stores that sell medium to high-end apparel and export clothing plus electronic products such as mobile phones, digital products and electrical appliances.

5.Taipa Old Village Souvenirs

Macau itinerary

Taipa Old Village is a treasure trove of souvenir shops, snacks, traditional cakes and exquisite furnishings where visitors can find the ideal gift or souvenir for family and friends.

Taipa Old Village: Handbags TTaipa Old Village is a must-visit when traveling to outlying islands. There are a variety of Handbags shops here, with authentic snacks, traditional cakes and exquisite decorations. Hand lettered gifts for personal use.

Nearby bus lines: 11, 15, 22, 28A, 30, 33, 34, 37

Nearby Attractions
Dragon Ring Portuguese Rhyme
Distance: 311 meters
Macau Giant Panda Pavilion
Distance: 2873 meters
Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre
Distance: 3466 meters

6.Shopping Malls in Cotai District

Macau itinerary

The shopping malls in Cotai District are rapidly emerging as an important regional centre for their hundreds of international luxury brand shops and outlets for local products. Their frequent seasonal sales and duty-free goods attract canny shoppers from near and far.

The above is the sharing of shopping places in different areas of Macau, making your shopping trip in Macau more comfortable.

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