Macau on the tip of the tongue, the dessert route

Macau dessert

Let me give you a wave of “dessert menu” roadmap:
Andrew Bakery: the originator of Macau egg tarts;
Hong Xin coconut: authentic coconut ice cream;
Shengji white porridge: sweet and smooth;
Isaac Toast Coffee: Just match the sauce;
Macao Ying Kee Bakery: Almond cookies are crunchy and delicious;
Lemon Cherokee: Hand-drawn ice cream.

1. Andrew Cake Shop

Macau dessert
Andrew Cake Shop

Why can’t you come to Macau to eat Andrew’s egg tart spread all over the streets?

Of course, Portuguese tart must be eaten. A small egg tart can always be freshly baked and just out of the cage. Hot and hot, hot and swollen pupu, crispy pastry on the outside, tender egg filling inside, thick milky aroma.

The meringue is loosened, so I am worried that it will not be scattered under the bite. The tart noodles are made a little thicker. I bite it down, and I feel that the crispy meringue is layered, very loose, the egg syrup is tender and sweet The entrance is instant. Wow, look again, the eggs are completely airless, no wonder they are so slippery.

The well-known Andrew Bakery has stores in The Venetian, University of Macau (old campus) and Coloane. The main store is the one in Coloane. Although it is a very small and unremarkable store, it definitely does not affect its deliciousness.

Macau dessert
Andrew’s egg tart

Recommended Food: Egg Tart
Per capita consumption: less than MOP $ 50
Address: G / F, No. 1, Tart Sand Street, Coloane, Macau (Main Store); Shop 2119A, 3rd Floor, Grand Canal Shopping Centre, Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, Cotai Strip, Macau, Cotai, Macau
Opening hours: 09: 00-18: 00 (main store); 10: 00-23: 00 (Venetian branch, 10: 00-12: 00 on Friday and Saturday)

2.Hong Xin coconut

Macau dessert
Hong Xin coconut

This shop is in a residential alley you can’t imagine. The Nanyang Coconut Family is a coconut specialty store that imports Malaysian coconuts, but the owner’s hand-made ice cream attracts visitors.

Ice cream is made of pure coconut and has been in business for 144 years. Although the facade is very simple, it is simply the status of the coconut ice cream museum.

Coconut ice cream is full of coconut fragrance, but does not have the greasy feeling of coconut milk coconut milk. The taste is very fresh and refreshing. The rich natural coconut fragrance is clear and sweet. The taste is like Xueba, but it is pure coconut. The grinded taste makes it so cool to eat such a frozen ice cream bar on a hot summer day.
In addition to the coconut flavor, there are chocolate ice cream, mango ice cream, taro ice cream, but it seems that taro flavor is only available in autumn.

Macau dessert
Coconut ice cream

Recommended Food: Coconut Ice Cream
Per capita consumption: less than MOP $ 50
Address: G / F, No. 14, Guolan Street, Xinma Road
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 09: 00-13: 00 14: 30-19: 00

3. Pastelaria Yeng Kee

Macau dessert
Pastelaria Yeng Kee

Speaking of Macau souvenirs, I believe everyone will be more familiar with it, and the impression is the same, but do you know this one? With the comic Snoopy and young packaging, it does n’t look like a Macau souvenir when viewed horizontally, but it is actually produced by the old cake shop “Pastelaria Yeng Kee”.

Macau dessert

This is their store furnishings, the store is next to the Big Three bus arch, the decoration can be said to be very fun. As if traveling through the kingdom of Snoopy, a series of products neatly listed is simply stunned, and various tastes are provided for trial eating, eating and eating, patting and patting.

This girl’s heart-breaking little suitcase! A box full of original knot candy, using the pink tone of the girl’s color, plus the design of a small metal box such as a hand luggage, it is very chic and the value is too high to bear the mouth. Well, environmental protection and fashion.

Macau dessert
little suitcase

Super recommend this mini macaroons, small and cute ~ original almonds, crispy and delicious, although the cake is hard, but the almonds taste super good, one bite is super cool, all you can eat, just eat Keep talking; the new taste of fresh flavors and traditional flavors is unforgettable!

Recommended Food: mini macaroons
Per capita consumption: less than MOP $ 50
Address: No. 2 Jesuit Memorial Plaza, Xinma Road (Flagship Store of Sanba); No. 173, Fifth Street, October, Xinma Road (back side of Jinbi Civic Center, Xinma Road); E-Ground Floor, Broadway Hotel Macau Shop G034A; No. 26B, Dasanba Street, Xinma Road
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 09: 00-21: 00

4. Shengji White Porridge

Macau dessert
Shengji White Porridge

Shengji White Congee has been open in Macau for many years. I heard that it has been more than 100 years. According to the information, it is the first store that the first-generation founder Liang Sheng opened in Shalitou, and then moved to Xinqiao for a period of time. For a long time, the first branch was opened at the end of the 1980s, which was to visit Dalian Road in Yalian, but the main store of Xinqiao was demolished due to the impact of the old district reconstruction plan. Later, it opened three branches in Taishan Guanzha Dalu, Taipa, and Xinma Lu, making it the oldest store to visit Damalu in Yalian.

There used to be a house next to the Civil Affairs Department. It was a good place for breakfast along Xinma Road, but when we went there was no more shop on Xinma Road. Fortunately, Shengji still has several branches in Macau. After several rounds, I finally found it. O (∩_∩) O, you can also go further for the bowl of white porridge that no other family can eat!

Macau dessert
White Porridge

Shengji’s white porridge looks as delicate as soy milk. In fact, it is a white porridge made by grinding rice milk into rice milk and adding tofu to boil. It has a rich rice flavor and a light bean flavor. It is rich and delicate, and complements each other. Very simple, yet inexplicably comfortable.


Macau dessert

In addition to the white porridge, his carrot cake is also very special, looks a little ugly, it is not as strong as the ordinary carrot cake, but it is very smooth and slippery, mixed with a trace of carrots, the sweetness of the carrot itself is very prominent, soft and waxy , Makes people seem to be back to childhood in an instant.

Recommended Food: white porridge, carrot cake
Per capita consumption: less than MOP $ 50
Address: G / F, No. 77, Da Ma Road, Yalian, Xinqiao; Block 2, Nanhui Pavilion, No. 264 Barma Road, Guanzha / Taishan; G / F, Limin Building, No. 257-261, Da Ma Road, Dr. Sun Yixian, Taipa Old Town
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 7: 00-00: 00

5. Isaac Toast Coffee

Long Songzheng Street Food at the head of the new road is famous as Isaac Toast in Korea.

Macau dessert
Isaac Toast Coffee

Crispy and spicy chicken toast, the toast is ready to order, almost got burned when I got it! Toast is divided into two, which is convenient for sharing with others. The protagonist is crispy and spicy chicken with moderate spiciness, without grabbing the taste of other ingredients, and the skin is tender and tender. The bottom layer is a thick fried egg with a soft texture. The overall taste is hot and fresh, accompanied by the melted cheese, the aroma is tangy and attractive. The package is so crispy, it is also served with a special sauce, with some desserts, and with the taste of ham, it has been melted in one bite. The bread is crispy and delicious, especially the bread is coated with honey to make the bread sweet and delicious. In the middle is a half-melted cheese, salty cigarette tough. There is a bunch of broccoli salad under the cheese, which is very crispy and crunchy.

Korean omelettes are only available for 30 yuan, and many Korean restaurants can’t eat a double! Moreover, the quality is not a “washing stall”. The egg tastes very soft and can be eaten into multiple layers of folds of egg crust. The seaweed rolls in the center make the taste more rich. It can be dipped in tomato sauce or mustard and eat together to add flavor.

Macau dessert
Isaac Toast

Recommended Food: Crispy Spicy Chicken Toast, Korean Omelet
Per capita consumption: MOP $ 51-100
Address: Shop A1, G / F, Yousheng Building, 8D Longsong Zheng Street, Xinma Road; Shop B, G / F, Chengjun Building, No. 33A, Dama Road
Opening hours: Xinma Road store is closed all day on Monday, 08: 00-20: 00 from Tuesday to Sunday; Wangxia store is closed all day on Tuesday, 11: 00-20: 00 Monday, Wednesday to Sunday

These are the five dessert shops in Macau that are worth tasting. How can you miss a trip to Macau?

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