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Macau tourist spots | Black Beach

There are many macau tourist spots, which were also introduced in the previous article. In this article, we will talk about the black beach tourism strategy.

I. Introduction to Black Beachmacau tourist spots

The black sand beach in Macao was called the Grand Ring in the past. It is a natural beach. The black sand is characterized by dark and smooth sand, which gives it the name. It is said that the black fine sand is caused by the black secondary mineral chlorite formed in the specific environment of the ocean. Under the influence of the ocean current, the sea green stone is transported to the near shore, and then carried to the beach by the wind and waves.

Scenic location: China-Macao Special Administrative Region

Scenic Spot Introduction: Macau’s Black Sand Beach is the largest natural beach in Macau. It is also the first choice for water sports or stargazing in Macau. The half-moon-shaped black sand beach has a gentle slope and a wide beach. There are pine forests nearby and lush green. It has one of the eight scenic spots in Macau. Every holiday weekend and midsummer season, visitors to Heisha Beach are rushing. The student unions of major universities in Macau also organize activities here, which is very lively.

Scenic Spots: Black Beach is located at the southernmost tip of Taipa Island and east of Coloane Island. It is named for its unique black sand grains. The black beach is about 1350 meters long, with natural sea baths and black sand parks. You can barbecue and sleep on the beach, and you can also experience a wealth of water entertainment.

Scenic features: leisure, vacation, sea watching, camping, water entertainment, seaside, beach

Best time to visit: Summer

Traffic routes: Get off at Heisha Beach at 15, 21A, 25, and 26A. Bus fares are not whole numbers, they are all 6.4 yuan, 3.2 yuan and so on. Don’t go in the wrong direction.

Black Beach Ticket Price: Free

Scenic area opening hours: all day

Ⅱ. Black beach camping and barbecue

The black beach camping area is the best choice for camping in Macau. As long as you bring a tent, you can enjoy a safe and comfortable camping area, invincible sea views, as well as basketball courts, a free barbecue area and invincible clean showers, etc Security guards patrol regularly and are safe.

macau tourist spots

The black beach campsite has a well-known name and is a five-star campsite! The water source is in the camp, and the toilets and showers are nearby. There are three public toilets and changing rooms, which is super convenient. There are dedicated sand blasting areas.

macau tourist spots

Opposite the Black Beach Station is the entrance to the Black Beach camping. There is a security kiosk at the door. Tell the security guards that you want to camp. Fill out the registration form of the Civil Affairs Department and you can choose a camp. The black beach fee is MOP50 per person per night, and registration is required before 5 pm, otherwise the tent cannot enter the camp. But you can do it for you.

macau tourist spots

There is also a free barbecue area at the Black Beach Camp, but be sure to let people take up the stove as soon as it is finished. Barbecue iron nets can be bought, one for eight people is enough, one MOP40.

macau tourist spots

Barbecue ingredients, the black beach is relatively partial, there are no barbecue ingredients to buy nearby, you have to take a bus to other local supermarkets to buy. The goods in the supermarket are still relatively complete. You can buy barbecue materials and ingredients. Friends who want to eat spicy food should bring their own chili powder. It is difficult to buy here, and the supermarket has not found anything to buy.

Ⅲ. Black Beach Sunrise

macau tourist spots

After eating barbecue in the evening, you can chat, step on the waves, and play games.It is great to watch a spectacular sunrise in the morning.

Ⅳ.Restaurants near Black Beach

1.French restaurant

macau tourist spots

The famous Fernando was built near the sea. It looks like an ordinary tea restaurant on the surface, and the corridor is filled with currency of all countries, no less than a thousand pieces; and then a large courtyard, naturally quiet.
Address: Taipa / Coloane No. 9 Heisha Beach, Coloane
Way of arrival: 15, 26A, 25
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 12: 00-21: 30

2. Portuguese Restaurant in Black Sands Park

The decoration is very exotic. The store is full of vinyl covers in the 1960s and 1970s. Band instruments are placed on the other side of the lobby, and there may be live band performances at night. Overall it feels laid back. Opposite the Franco restaurant.
Address: Taipa / Coloane, Heisha Beach, Heisha Park
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 12: 00-23: 00

Travel tip:

① Remember to change more change;
② There are a lot of flying ants on the black beach. It is best to bring mosquitoes to fear water.

The above is the travel guide of the black sand beach in Macau. If you want to experience camping and barbecue in Macau, don’t miss it!

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