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Macao’s booming gaming industry is characterised by horse racing, Pacapio and slot machines as well as the internationally renowned table games of its large casinos, providing a wealth of entertainment options for visitors. The legal age of entry to casinos in Macao is 21.

Today we will introduce 5 gaming games that can be played in Macau.

Booming Gaming

Slot Lounges
Horse Racing
Soccer / Basketball Lottery


macau travel

In recent years, Macao’s gaming industry has developed at a rapid pace, with a number of larger casinos offering a free direct shuttle bus service to and from border crossings. Many casinos feature international cuisine restaurants, recreational facilities and top-flight family entertainment as well as gaming.

Website : www.dicj.gov.mo/web/en/information/contacts_casino

2.Slot Lounges

macau travel

Slot machines are an increasingly popular gaming pastime in Macao and are available in slot lounges and most casinos. With different themes and play modes available, visitors can spend an exciting time pitting their wits against Lady Luck, with 24-hour cafés and dining services offering non-stop refreshments in slot lounges.

3.Horse Racing

macau travel

The long established Macau Jockey Club has over the years assembled a truly cosmopolitan group of trainers, riders and administrators to oversee its large horseracing operation, with animals imported from various countries in order to provide racing to international standards. Whether watching live or on the Diamond Vision or closed circuit television monitors, club members and public can enjoy top-line racing in private boxes or the air-conditioned grandstand. Races are scheduled throughout the year, except for the summer recess, with the stadium’s Chinese and Western restaurants catering to a knowledgeable clientele.

Address : Est. Gov. Albano da Oliveira
Tel : +853 2882 0868 Macao, 800 967 822 Hong Kong toll free
E-mail : hotline@mjc.mo
Website : www.mjc.mo

4.Soccer / Basketball Lottery

Macau SLOT operates soccer and basketball lotteries, providing handicap-goal and odds, and accepts bets on selected matches drawn from important League and Cup Matches.

Tel : +853 8898 6388 Macao, +852 183 8228 Hong Kong
Website : www.macau-slot.com


Pacapio is a traditional game introduced to Macao in the late Qing Dynasty when the people of Guangdong wagered on pigeon racing. The birds were identified with names based on the famous ‘Qianziwen’ (Thousand-Character Essay) with bets placed on the competing pigeons. This racing changed to a game similar to a lucky draw, in which players bet on 10 of 80 characters written on a piece of paper, with 20 characters drawn to match. Players win if 5 or more chosen characters match the drawn characters. Today, the game employs numbers instead of text, and manual control balloting has been replaced by computerization.

Pacapio games are available in Hotel Lisboa and Wing Hing Pacapio Centre

Address : No. 41, R/C Avenida do Infante d. Henrique, Macau

Macau as China’s Las Vegas, how can you travel to Macau without playing a gambling game?

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