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Macau travel, how can you miss the cultural experience of Macau?

Macao is a city where East meets West, a place where traditional Chinese culture has assimilated Portuguese and Western ways to create a unique cultural mix. The many beautiful historic buildings evoke the city’s collective memories, and this small city – overflowing with traditional elements – lends a wealth of inspiration to the flourishing local arts community.

1.10 Fantasia – A Creative Industries Incubator

Macau travel

Located in St. Lazarus Parish and established in 2008, 10 Fantasia – resplendent with 2 exhibition halls and 10 showrooms – displays and promotes the products of Macao’s cultural, artistic and creative industries. The works of the primarily local artists and creative workers in the gallery are renewed monthly, with art courses and seminars a popular attraction. Art courses include scriptwriting, photography, video and movie production, sculpting, painting, etc. In addition, the art centre regularly organizes animation parties, role-play events, artist gatherings and concerts.

Address : No. 10, Calçada da lgreja de S. Lázaro
Opening Hours : 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (Closed on Mondays)
Fees : Free admission
Tel : +853 2835 4582
Website : www.10fantasia.com

2.Albergue SCM (Albergue da Santa Casa da Misericórdia)

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St. Lazarus District has served as a base for the development of Macao’s cultural and creative industries in recent years. Located in the district, Albergue SCM features a small courtyard and two century-old Portuguese buildings with yellow-hued walls. Two old camphor trees tower over the tranquil courtyard. Many of the poor and refugees lived here during World War II thus it came to be known as the ‘Shelter of the Poor’. It was also known as the ‘Old Ladies House’ as it once served as a refuge for elderly females. Today, its galleries house various local art and creative design exhibitions as well as a Portuguese restaurant. Albergue SCM also holds poetry-reading sessions and art seminars to enhance local art, cultural and creative development, imbuing this historical monument with a unique vitality.

Address : No. 8, Calçada da Igreja de S. Lázaro
Tel : +853 2852 2550, +853 2852 3205
E-mail : creativealbergue@gmail.com

3.Creative Macau

This non-profit organization is a centre for local creative industries developed and managed by the Institute of European Studies of Macao, with the primary task of assisting local creative industries enhance their profile and potential value. Located on the ground floor of the Macao Cultural Centre, it provides space and a platform for art and displays from diverse creative industries; namely, advertising, architecture, crafts, design, fashion design, film and video, interactive leisure software, music, the performing arts, publishing, computer software and application development, as well as visual arts.

Address : G/F Macau Cultural Centre Building, Xian Xing Hai Avenue
Opening Hours : 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Closed on Sundays)
Fees : Free Admission
Tel : +853 2875 3282
Website : www.creativemacau.org.mo

4.Ponte 9 – Creative Platform

Ponte 9 is a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural cluster for creative industries open to the city. It houses a set of complementary companies and startups in the areas of design, architecture, urban planning, fabrication, video and events production.

Standing in a pier building, Ponte 9 equipped with a gallery space, a multifunctional area for conferences / lectures / workshops, offices, co-working area, rooftop, and a fabrication lab for prototyping and product design manufacturing. It hosts exhibitions, conferences, lectures, workshops and activities, with the mission of promoting urban culture and providing an inspiring and synergetic ecosystem for startups and young professionals.

Address : R. Lorchas Ponte nº 9, 3/F, Macau
Opening Hours : 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (closed on weekends, unless there are events running)
Fees : Free admission
Tel : +853 2871 5770
E-mail : p9@ponte9.com
Website : www.ponte9.com
Remarks : Where to park
Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16 / Pak Kong public car park

Watching and experiencing the local history and culture is a necessary means to understand a place. The above are the four places to experience Macao culture, don’t miss it when visiting Macau!

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