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Macau Travel Guide

Macau Food Travel Guide, continue to introduce Macanese & Portuguese Dishes.

In the previous two articles, we shared the appetizers and main dishes of Macanese & Portuguese Dishes respectively, and now I will share the desserts with you.

Pastéis de Nata (Portuguese Egg Tarts)

Macau  Travel Guide

Though this dessert originated in a monastery in Portugal 200 years ago, it became popular only after it arrived Macao. The egg-custard stuffed pastry with a bitter caramel flavor really captivates everybody’s soul.

Egg Pudding

Macau  Travel Guide

It’s not fancy and is just a light pudding, but it does the basics well. If you spread caramel on the outside, it becomes akin to caramel custard. Depending on the sauce, you can also make various changes.


Macau  Travel Guide

A soft whipped cream with cookie crumbs layered on top to be eaten with a spoon, it is one of the best snacks of both Portugal and Macao. The taste varies according to the texture of the cream, so it’s recommended to try it in a Macanese/Portuguese restaurant that’s rated above average.


Macau  Travel Guide

With caramel at the bottom, it’s baked with the froth of egg whites. The soft texture of the egg whites combines with the bitter sweetness of the caramel to form a unique taste. It’s one of the most famous Portuguese traditional desserts.

The above are the 4 desserts in Macanese & Portuguese Dishes shared with you. Every time you eat a dessert, you will always feel good.

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