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Macau travel itinerary,Nostalgia in Coloane

macau itinerary

Macau is small in area but has many attractions. How do you plan and arrange your travel routes? Do n’t worry. Today, share a Nostalgia in Coloane route with you.

Embrace the tranquility of village life and enjoy local delicacies found in this old neighbourhood. Let the sea breeze softly caress your face. A journey that rejuvenates your soul.

1.Largo do Presidente António Ramalho Eanes

macau travel itinerary
Largo do Presidente António Ramalho Eanes

The small Square, named after the visit of the Portuguese President António Ramalho Eanes to Macao, serves as a central pedestrian hub that connects many old lanes and streets of the small village in Coloane. At the centre of the Square stands a statue of Cupid, making it popular to be chosen as part of the scenes in TV drama series. Various types of flowers and trees growing at the Square will certainly make you feel far away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. This Square is like a small backyard for the locals. You’ll find quite a number of local stalls that offer you delicacies, dried seafood products, Portuguese egg tarts, local cuisine and lots of fun in this vicinity.

2.Ancient Temple of Kun Iam in Coloane

Ancient Temple of Kun Iam in Coloane

The Temple was built around the 5th year of the reign of Emperor Jiaqing (1800) by local sea traders, as its inscription says. The belief in Kun Iam, the Goddess of Mercy, is very popular in Macao, and the legend has it said that the kind and righteous Kun Iam often protected fishermen and seafarers so that they could return home safely. The Temple has a long history of bringing luck and peacefulness to the small town. It also witnesses the development with the passage of time. This temple, together with Tin Hau Ancient Temple, Tam Kong Temple and Sam Seng Temple, are named the Four Temples of Coloane taken care by a local charity group.

3.Ancient Temple of Tin Hau in Coloane

macau itinerary
Ancient Temple of Tin Hau in Coloane

Built around 1763, the Temple is dedicated to Tin Hau in Coloane village, and is the oldest temple on the island. The Temple consists of an entrance hall and a main hall with a pavilion in between which used to serve as a public platform for discussion of social affairs. An antique bell and wine boat are well preserved in the Temple. A couplet “Virtue nurtures the nation” inscribed on the pavilion can be seen when you enter the Temple. The belief in Tin Hau is very popular in Macao amongst fishermen who strongly believe that the Goddess will protect them home with fishery harvest.

4.Tam Kong Temple

macau itinerary
Tam Kong Temple

This temple, with a fine toll roof decorated with porcelain figures, is dedicated to Tam Kong, a Taoist god of seafarers. Beside his image, the temple contains a four feet long model of a dragon boat made from a whalebone, with a crew of wooden men in red robes and yellow hats.

There is also a dramatic mural of a tiger with club, big-eyed and orange striped, against a background of rocks and twisted pines.

There are two temples dedicated to Tin Hau in Coloane village. The larger, on Largo Tin Hau Miu has, at its entrance, a traditional fire engine, which had to be wheeled by hand. A short distance away, off Travessa da República, is a smaller temple, with some brilliant gilded carvings over the entrance and a moongate facing the sea.

Address : Avenida de Cinco de Outubro, Largo Tam Kong Miu, Coloane
Opening Hours : 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

5.Coloane Library

macau itinerary
Coloane Library

Built around 1911, the one-storey Library was the former Municipal School of Coloane and now offers a cozy environment for the community to read. With an emphasis to embrace the nature, the architectural style makes the library look harmonious with its surrounding buildings. Besides a stroll along the shore, you can also rent a bike to explore the old village where you can discover traces of the fishing industry of the bygone era.

6.Chapel of St. Francis Xavier

macau itinerary
Chapel of St. Francis Xavier

Built in 1928, this chapel follows the baroque style of Macao’s major churches. It has a cream and white facade with oval windows and a bell tower. It stands behind the monument commemorating the local victory over pirates in 1910.

The chapel contains some of the most sacred relics of Christian Asia. In a silver reliquary is a bone from the arm of St. Francis Xavier, who followed his missionary successes in Japan by coming to the China coast, where he died in 1552 on Sanchuan Island, 50 miles from Macao. The relic was destined for Japan but religious persecution there persuaded the church to keep it in Macao’ s St. Paul’ s. It was moved first to St. Joseph′ s and in 1978 to the chapel.

Persecution of Christians in Japan led to 26 foreign and Japanese Catholic priests being crucified in Nagasaki in 1597 and many hundreds of Christian Japanese being killed during the 1637 Shimabara Rebellion. The bones of the Martyrs and some of the rebels were brought to Macao and kept in St. Paul’ s. After fire destroyed the church, the bones were gathered and taken to the Cathedral. They were moved to St. Francis Xavier Chapel in 1974. Other bones stored in the chapel are relics of martyrs from 17th century Vietnam.

A few years ago, the relic was taken to St. Joseph’ s Seminary and the Sacred Art Museum, but many people still come to this Chapel, especially Japanese Christians.

Address : Rua do Caetano, Largo Eduardo Marques, Coloane
Opening Hours : 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

7.Sam Seng Temple in Coloane

macau itinerary
Sam Seng Temple in Coloane

Built in the 4th year of the reign of Emperor Tongzhi (1865), the Temple is small in scale . From the couplet of the entrance, you may learn about the history of the island, which was once a salt bay and famous for its salt production. The Temple is dedicated to Empress of Kam Fa (Golden Flowers), Kun Iam and Huaguang Master. Dating back to over 200 years ago, it was the local fishermen who brought the statue of Empress of Kam Fa to Coloane and hence built the Temple. According to the legend, the Empress would bless children with good health, and therefore the Temple attracted many worshipers. In 2002, the Temple was rebuilt after a disastrous storm. The ancient bronze bell is of historical value and very precious to the Temple, standing as a witness to the old days. Here, at the northernmost part of the village, you can also see an array of traditional stilt houses built of iron and wood along the shore.

8.Coloane Pier

macau itinerary
Coloane Pier

Rebuilt in 1873, the Pier had been a crucial public ferry terminal between Coloane, Taipa and Macao Peninsula, where small vessels were berthed, before Estrada do Istmo and the Governor Nobre de Carvalho Bridge came into service. In the old days, there was regular ferry service, bringing passengers from Macao and Taipa to Coloane. With ferries running between the Pier and the Mainland as well, a customs checkpoint was set up for management purposes. As time went by, the key function of the Pier was fading away. With bridges built and land reclamation, the aroma of local dried seafood products may remind you of the bygone days at the Pier.

The above is the Nostalgia in Coloane route shared with you. There are a total of 8 attractions. Friends who like it can consider it!

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