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Macau travel, Macau shopping guide

Macau shopping guide

To travel to Macau, shopping is a must. The charm of shopping in Macau can’t be stopped because of the low tax rate policy, which has created a shopping environment in Macau that is both affordable and full of surprises. So what is the best way to buy in Macau? What is cheap and unique in Macau? What are the unique shopping places in Macau?

Today I have prepared a Macau shopping guide for everyone, let’s take a look!

When shopping in Macau, the most popular commodities on the market are jewelry, clothing, toys, antiques, antique furniture and electronic products. In most stores that do not have clearly priced prices, discounts are usually available if customers request it. In most small shops, bargaining is extremely common.

On the main island of Macau, Banzhang Hall and the front of the Senate Pavilion are representative of the shopping area, and it is the tourist hinterland of Macau. There are many shops in the two districts, and there are several unique streets that are popular among tourists. There are also several shopping hotspots, such as Holland Park Road, Costa Walk, and the three lights area.

On Taipa Island, shopping mainly gathers on Cunha Street. Go to the Venetian Resort, you can also go shopping at the Grand Canal shopping plaza.

Grand Canal Shopping Plaza

The Grand Canal Mall is located in the famous Venetian Resort Hotel. The artificial sky and the canal create a unique shopping environment. There are a variety of trendy brands, luxury goods, cosmetics, clothing and souvenir shops. The famous DFS duty-free shop is also located here. There is also a small bet in the hotel. It is definitely a one-stop shopping mall for shopping and entertainment. .

Opening hours: 10: 00-23: 00 (January 1-December 31 Sunday-Thursday) 10:00-next day 00:00 (January 1-December 31 Friday-Saturday )

Address: Floor 1-5, Venetian Hotel, Cotai Strip, Taipa, Macau

1. Macau Shopping Guide-Furniture and Antiques

Macau shopping guide
Horta e Costa District

There are many shops in Macao Peninsula and downtown Coloane that sell authentic antiques and fine imitations. Most of these shops are concentrated in the area from the front of the Kiosk to the Big Three Bus Street, Haystack Street, Huawangtang Street, Guanqian Zheng Street and Guolan Street. Many antique furniture came from China, and then renovated. In addition, antique new furniture made of high-quality wood is also used. Most stores have freight service
The goods are shipped to all parts of the world, and the charges are reasonable. In addition to furniture, antiques can also be found in antique shops in this area.

If the purchase is genuine, there will be a certificate. The goods that people are most interested in are wood lacquer boxes, bronze products, old coins, wood carvings of different sizes, and various heirlooms. Chinese ancient calligraphy and paintings are also quite popular. These can be found in the shops at the above locations.

2. Macau shopping guide-postcards, books, printed articles

Different types of postcards and other novelties can be bought at the store near the junior bus arch. However, if you want to buy some really interesting and good quality books and works of local artists, please go to the small shop in the building of the Civil Affairs Department.

“An Historical Sketch and Mission and De script ions of the City of Canton” (early 1832 edition) and “An American in Canton” (1825-44) books have made romantic and historical descriptions of Macao in the 19th century vivid. These books can be found in Portuguese bookstores, maritime museums and many hotel bookstores.

3. Macau Shopping Guide-Cameras, camcorders and electronic products

Macau shopping guide
Ruins of St. Paul’s District

Many camera equipment shops and all large department stores in Macau sell the most advanced electronic products, cameras and camcorders. Each electronic product store has various styles, the latest and highest quality products for customers to choose from, and the price is relatively cheap . Generally speaking, a store with a certain size is more reliable, especially after-sales service. When purchasing, remember to request a warranty and receipt. In addition, the brand is also very important, because you buy a brand that you are not familiar with in some small shops, and you ca n’t repair it if you get sick in the future.

4. Macau Shopping Guide-Artwork-Gallery and Contributions

Macau has many local and foreign painters, and their works are often exhibited in local galleries. Art exhibitions are generally held in the venues of the Civil Affairs Department, the Oriental Foundation, the Caochun Church, the Portuguese Literature Bureau, the Cultural Plaza, the Millennium Gallery, the Lees Building, and the tourist activity center. . The local newspaper will publish the news of the exhibition.

Traditional Chinese paintings are sold in Chinese craft shops, and there are different kinds of Chinese paintings for purchase in the-handicraft shop near Xinma Road Civil Administration. If you are interested in ancient paintings, you can go to the shops on Huawangtang Street.

5. Macau Shopping Guide-Portuguese Wine

Macau shopping guide

All supermarkets and even small shops in Australia sell wine. The prices of wines vary from ordinary table wines worth MOP 30, and to Porto, which is worth hundreds of dollars, and Porto’s fine old wines. In the duty-free shops at the terminal, airport and border, there are all kinds of wines for sale for departing passengers.

6. Macau shopping guide-Duty-free shops and boutiques

There are many high-end fashion shops in the New Yaohan Department Store on the Outland Ferry Terminal and near Macau] Ferry Terminal, selling world-famous clothing and accessories. There are also some famous shops near Nanwan Garden, Prince Yin Road and Xinma Road. In addition, the hotel’s shopping malls, such as the Lisboa Hotel in Macau [], the New Lihua Hotel and the New Century Hotel in Taipa, are also places where famous brands gather.

In addition to brand-name fashion and accessories, duty-free perfumes and cosmetics, high-end children’s clothing, and cheap electronic products can also be bought in these stores. Duty-free shops are available at the terminal and Macau International Airport.

King Power Duty Free Shop (Macau International Airport Shop)

A selection of the most fashionable and popular products include perfumes, cosmetics, duty-free tobacco and alcohol, high-end brand-name leather goods, watches, clothing accessories, high-quality souvenir foods, etc. Dazzling, all-encompassing.
Address: Macau International Airport Passenger Terminal Building

7. Macau shopping guide-Clothing articles

Macau has hundreds of garment factories, and its products are mainly sold to European, American and Australian markets. The main products are jeans, children’s clothing and sportswear. In the store labeled “Exported Garment”, you can buy cheap clothing. Many cheap clothing stores sell clothing that cannot be tried on, so choose the right size carefully when buying, because clothing sold in these stores cannot be returned.

Nowadays, Chinese clothing, whether it is casual clothes or dresses, is very popular. You can buy Chinese clothing with different fabrics and different prices at the clothing stores or the stalls near the Campground Market-Zhei District and the Red Street Market near the Civil Affairs Department.

If you want to buy the work of a local fashion designer, you can check it out at Macau Designer’s Release, No. 8C, Baimahang. Here are several brands of Macau fashion designers. The clothing they designed has participated in domestic and foreign clothing design competitions, and some have won awards. The fashions here are novel, distinctive and not expensive at all.

8. Macau Shopping Guide-Traditional Food

Almost all districts in Australia have shops selling seafood, spices and other traditional Chinese food and herbs. The business of these stores is booming and many local customers and tourists patronize. Large-scale seafood restaurants are generally concentrated in shopping districts such as Xinma Road and Gao Shi De Da Road, selling different levels of shark fin, mushrooms, dried shrimp, abalone and dried scallops. There are many seafood shops around Fulongxin Street. If you want to know which one is the best, you can tell by smelling it.

Four Seasons

Macau shopping guide
Four Seasons

The Four Seasons Store Street, known as the strongest in Asia, has more than 180 brand-name specialty stores, of course, LV, GUCCI, etc. Needless to say, there are a lot of world-class brand names that even Hong Kong and Macao people do not know! How attractive it is, it is simply It’s a holy place for Kuta, young ladies, the rich, and powerful! And domestic tourists are in great demand for brand names, which is definitely a good idea! The decoration of the Four Seasons store street is very noble and elegant, no shopping, just hanging out It is also a kind of enjoyment, thirsty? You can find a cafe to sit down and have a drink,

Are you hungry? There are also elegant restaurants in the environment to fill your stomach. There are many decorations with Chinese characteristics in the hotel.

Address: Inside Four Seasons Hotel, Cotai Strip, Outlying Islands (near Wangde Our Lady Bay Road)

Ruins of St. Paul’s

In Macau, you can enjoy the best shopping pleasure in the Asia-Pacific region, because the products here are not only diverse, but also cheaper than some neighboring regions. The Grand Prix Torii is the most iconic place of interest in Macau. It is the front wall of St. Paul’s Cathedral, which was completed in 1580. This church combines European Renaissance and Oriental architecture styles. One of the shopping mecca.

9.Macau Shopping Guide-Firsthand Street

Many tourists will buy souvenirs when shopping and traveling in Macau. Macau] One of the most prosperous old-fashioned souvenir shops is a souvenir of souvenirs. This souvenir shop has a long history. It is famous all over the world. Ju Ji Sou Xin is a well-known souvenir shop in Macau. In such a projectile place in Macau, Ju Ji Sou Xin has opened more than ten branches, each of which is full of people. Everyone who comes to Macau to travel, just enter A souvenir shop can buy Macao specialty food and bring it back.

Macau shopping considerations

Macau shopping guide

1. The cheapest place to buy electronic products is the Yalianfang shopping mall on Costa Main Road in Macau. From the satellite, it is located in the east of the central part of the island.
2. Buy publications prohibited by the mainland at the end of the puddle near Lisboa. There are a number of publishing houses and several bookstores in Shuitengwei. The largest bookstore is in a basement on the roadside of Shuikengwei Street.
3. The best place to sell cosmetics and perfumes is Babaiban.
4. The abbreviation of MOP is MOP. There are seven types of coins: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, and 10; there are six types of banknotes: 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1000. One yuan is exchanged for approximately MOP 1.17; one yuan is exchanged for MOP 1.03.

In Macau, Hong Kong dollars can be used directly without exchange. But RMB is only available in some places, and many stores that take cars and shop will not accept RMB. Bank hotels all provide services for foreign currency exchange and traveler’s checks, which is very convenient.
In addition, credit cards can also be used in some stores in Macau. It is worth mentioning that in Macau casinos, the Hong Kong dollar is the only currency in circulation, and there are currency exchange offices in major casinos.

The above is the Macau shopping guide when traveling to Macau.

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