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The Macau Travel News column mainly introduces some relevant information and news in Macau, and sometimes there will be the latest notice from the Macau government and tourism bureau.

Best month to visit macau

As a new tourist city, Macau is the first choice for many people to travel, but when is the best month to visit Macau? Macau is located on the coast, and its climate is characterized by warm, rainy, hot and humid, and wet and dry seasons. Spring is April to May, summer is May to September, autumn is September to December, and winter is March to January. It is hot and rainy in summer, slightly dry and cold in winter, Read More

Macau travel guide,Macau new coronavirus notice

May 22, 2020 15:15 Foreign travelers ─> Prohibition of entry Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan travelers Prohibited entry within 14 days before entry You have been to Hong Kong and Taiwan within 14 days before entry, you can enter the country, but you must accept the medical observation at the designated place for 14 days after entry If you have not been to a foreign country, Hong Kong, or Taiwan within 14 days before entry, you must enter the Read More