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Macau tour, Food and Beverage Establishments in Macau Peninsula

In the previous article, we shared the Food and Beverage Establishments on Macau ’s Taipa Island, and today we will share the Food and Beverage Establishments on the Macau Peninsula. 1.ESTABELECIMENTO DE COMIDAS EDO JAPANESE FOOD ESTABLISHMENT・ SERVICE STAR AWARD・ STAR MERCHANT AWARD Award Validity 2014-2015; 2018-2019; 2019-2020 Address : Avenida da Amizade, Hotel Lisboa, R/C, Cave 1 da Ala Velha (Ala Redonda) Macau Opening Hours : 11:00-04:00 Tel : +853 2871 3888 Fax : +853 2871 5658 Website : Read More

Macau tour, Food and Beverage Establishments in Taipa

In addition to going to Michelin restaurants and award-winning restaurants, looking for food in Macau is also a pleasure to find food and drinks on the streets!Today we will share the Food and Beverage Establishments on Macau’s Taipa Island. 1.BORBULHAS DE AMOR BEVERAGE ESTABLISHMENT・ STAR MERCHANT AWARDAddress : Avenida da Nave Desportiva-Zona de Aterro Entre Taipa e coloane, R/C do Hotel Wynn PalaceOpening Hours : 09:00-21:00Tel : +853 8889 3669Fax : +853 8889 3600Website : http://www.wynnpalace.com 2.CAFÉ LEON FOOD ESTABLISHMENT・ Read More

Macau tour | Macao Aquatic Trek &Wellness

Macau is close to the sea, how can you miss the upper reaches of Macau when traveling to Macau. Going to a spa after a game can’t be better. Macao Aquatic Trek Operated by Yuet Tung Shipping Co., Ltd Operated by Shun Tak-China Travel Ship Management (Macau) Limited The Journey of “Reel Fun” 1.Operated by Yuet Tung Shipping Co., Ltd “Blue Whale No. 1” and “Yuet Tung No. 3” commenced service in September 2018 with two routes a day sailing Read More

Macau tour | Sports & Recreation

Macau tour can not only go shopping, taste food, watch the beautiful scenery, but also enjoy the fun of experiencing games. Macao’s wide spectrum of sports and recreation facilities is sure to energize any trip to the territory! The sub-tropical climate accommodates year-round outdoor activities, whilst there are also plenty of high quality indoor venues to engage in your favourite sport, too. Karting, swimming, hiking, bowling, cycling, golfing, ice-skating, canoeing and windsurfing are just some of the sports on offer, Read More

Macau tour | Open Top Bus Tour

Macau travel, you can take a convertible car for sightseeing. You can go to multiple scenic spots and guides along the way. Share Open Top Bus Tour One-Day with everyone. Savour Macao’s famous landmarks and World Heritage gems with an Open Top Bus Tour One-Day Pass with free hop-on, hop-off at various tourist attractions. Or enjoy the twinkling lights of the city via the Open Top Bus Night Tour. All tours include an English and Mandarin tour guide. Open Top Read More

Macau tour|Local Transportation

When traveling in Macau, it is important to know the transportation routes in the city. It can prevent getting lost and plan your trip better. Let me share with you the traffic situation in Macau today. Local Transportation Buses Light Rapid Transit (LRT) Taxis Car Hire Pedicabs Buses A frequent bus service runs between the Macao Peninsula, Taipa and Coloane. Route information in Chinese and Portuguese is posted at every bus stop detailing destinations, itineraries and stops. The bus fare Read More