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Macau 2020 International Fireworks Display Contest cancelled

Affected by the epidemic, the Tourism Bureau canceled the 2020 Macau International Fireworks Display Contest. Due to the impact of the global new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, after careful evaluation and consideration, the Tourism Bureau announced the cancellation of the 31st Macau International Fireworks Display Contest, which was scheduled to be held from September to October this year. The Macau International Fireworks Display Contest, hosted by the Macau Government Tourist Office, invites excellent fireworks teams from all over the world to Read More

Macau hotel occupancy rate declines in the first four months of 2020

Affected by COVID-19, Macau’s tourism industry was severely hit. In the first four months of this year, the average room occupancy rate of hotels and apartments in Macau was 34.8%, a year-on-year decrease of 57%; guests decreased by 65.9% to 1.581 million. In addition, in the first four months, Macao’s inbound tourists decreased by 76.6% year-on-year to 3.302 million. In the first four months, the average room occupancy rate of hotels and apartments was 34.8%, a year-on-year decrease of 57.0 Read More

Cunha Street, the most popular old street in Macau

Cunha Street is one of the important constituent streets of Taipa’s old town, and it is also a well-known souvenir street. Chinese name: 官也街 Length: 121m Width: 5m Name time: 1884 English name: Cunha Street Portuguese name: Rua do Cunha Macau has a unique geographical location, different humanities and history, and its architectural style is also a fusion of Eastern culture and Western culture. Because it is close to China and Portugal, it has been affected by them. In addition, Read More

Macau cuisine, delicious in street shops

When it comes to Macau cuisine, everyone thinks of pork shops, almond cookies, and so on. After going to Macao for a long time, you must buy these products. You must buy these things! But it was not easy to come to Macau, wasting time lining up to buy souvenirs, but did not enjoy the customs and customs here. In fact, these are hidden in the alleys of the deep streets and are not surprisingly small, they are the authentic Read More

2020 Macau free shopping guide

I heard that Macau Freestyle is about to reopen! Macau is really a paradise for shopping and tourism. Friends who love shopping must be very familiar with it! So where to go shopping in Macau? The first choice is the Venetian Hotel and the Parisian Hotel. There are four or five large shopping malls in this area. There are many international brands, rich and complete. The number of shops in the Sands Resort business district exceeds 850. Two! Now we Read More

Lou Lim Ioc Garden, Suzhou Garden Charm

Lou Lim Ioc Garden, which was rebuilt 20 years ago, was originally called the Entertainment Park. It was one of the three famous gardens in Macau a few decades ago. It is composed of the big gambler, the Macau Chamber of Commerce, and the Chairman of the Value Society of Jinghu Hospital Charity Association Ioc invested heavily in construction, which began in 1994 and was built in 1925. Its scale is the largest in Macau’s private gardens. Lou Lim Ioc Read More

Puji Temple, the largest Buddhist Temple in Macau

Puji Temple, commonly known as Kun lam temple, is the largest monastery in Macao and the largest temple in Macao. It has quiet scenery and preserves the characteristics of southern temples in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Puji Temple hangs the calligraphy, painting, calligraphy, and cultural relics of various monks and different art masters in the palace for visitors to enjoy. There are “Miaoxiang Hall” where Xie Lansheng and Lingnan School painter Gao Jianfu stayed, as well as Shitai and Read More

A-Ma Temple, the oldest monastery in Macau

The oldest of the three major monasteries in Macau, a famous monument, has more than 500 years of history. The symbol of the Mazu culture in Macau, the maze lady enshrined in the temple is the protector of the sea. The buildings along the cliff are towering with ancient trees. Although they are small in scale, they can fully integrate with nature, and the layout is scattered. The stone lion carvings at the entrance of the temple are exquisite and Read More

Lighthouse Songtao, feel the charm of nature

The East Guiyang Mountain is the highest hill in the Macao Peninsula. There is the East Guiyang Lighthouse on the hill. The lighthouse is located in the pine on the higher Gui Gui Mountain in the Macao Peninsula. Macau travel logo. The top of the mountain can overlook the magnificent scenery of Macao and the Pearl River Estuary, and reflects the green pine of the ridge. There are roads around the mountains halfway up the mountain. Several wind and rain Read More

Jinghai Changhong, Macau night view

Jinghai Changhong” is one of the eight scenic spots in Macau. Traveling to Macau doesn’t know where to look from, the eight scenic spots in Macau are a good choice. “Jinghai Changhong” includes “Jinghai” and “Changhong”. “Jinghai” is one of the ancient place names of Macao, and it refers to the sea surface between Macao Island and Taipa Island. It has been the navigation channel of Macao’s foreign trade for hundreds of years. Today, the “Mirror Sea” has built two Read More