Ten popular must-eat foods in Macau trip

Macau travel guide

Macau, as a city with many Michelin restaurants, is a veritable food paradise. Today we do not talk about Michelin restaurants, we share the food that exists in the streets.

1. Portuguese Egg Tart

Macau travel guide
Portuguese egg tarts

Portuguese egg tart, also known as Portuguese cream tower, caramel macchiato egg tart. Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong are called Portuguese tart, which is a small cream puff pastry. It is a kind of egg tart, and its black surface is characteristic. In 1989, the British Andrew Stow brought the Portuguese tart to Macau, changed to British cream filling and reduced the amount of sugar, and immediately attracted everyone, and became a famous snack in Macau, the most representative It’s Milktar’s egg tart.

2. Pork chop bun

Macau travel guide
Pork chop bun

Pork chop buns are a well-known food in Macau. Among them, Dali in Taipa is the most famous pork chop buns. Pork chop bun refers to a piece of pork chop sandwiched in a buttered bread (usually a piglet bun). Pork chops are usually fried or deep-fried, but some are cooked in water before the surface is fried.

3. Bamboo noodles

Macau travel guide
Bamboo noodles

Zhusheng noodles is a traditional local pasta in Guangdong province and one of the Guangzhou snacks. Cantonese was renamed “sheng” because of the unlucky pronunciation of “gan”. Zhusheng noodles are a type of noodles made by rubbing noodles and noodles in a traditional way, and noodles and wonton skins pressed with bamboo liters (Dai Mao bamboo poles).

4. Water Crab Porridge

Macau travel guide
Water Crab Porridge

Water Crab Porridge is a Macau snack. Macau is located at the junction of brackish and fresh water, and the crabs produced are delicious. Water Crab Porridge is the essence of three kinds of crabs: Water Crab, Crab Crab, and Meat Crab, which is complemented by a special oyster porridge to enrich its taste. All crabs are local crabs. Because the crabs in Macau grow at the junction of brackish and fresh water, the crabs are sweet and the meat is rich and refreshing. The crabs in the water crab porridge are cut into large pieces, which prevents the crab shells from mixing into the porridge, affecting the taste and being unsafe.

5. Baked rice

Macau travel guide
Baked rice

As the name implies, it is a kind of food covered with fragrant cheese, which is a perfect combination of cheese and rice. Of course, the most important thing is to cook a pot of rice with soft and fragrant grains, a layer of rice, a layer of sauce, a layer of cheese and send it to the oven until the cheese is golden. During the roasting process, an attractive fragrance comes out in the kitchen. . The favorite is the thick layer of cheese that can be brushed on the top, which is rich in flavor and sweet, and the sweetness is overflowing; the sauce and rice below are not inferior. The appearance is good and the taste is good. How could it fall into the world? ”

6. Portuguese Chicken

Macau travel guide
Portuguese Chicken

Portuguese chicken is one of the representative dishes of Macau. It is a gourmet made by Portuguese people from African and Indian foods made with whole chicken, potatoes, onions, eggs, and curry salt. It is characterized by rich aroma and tender and delicious chicken.

7. Ma Jiexiu

Macau travel guide
Ma Jiexiu

From Portuguese Bacalhau, it is made from salted cod and is the main ingredient of many Australian and Portuguese cuisines. Many tea restaurants have Ma Jiexiu dishes. The more famous dishes include Western-style baked Ma Jiexiu, fried potato sieve with potato silk, fried Ma Jiexiu balls, Baixu Ma Jiexiu, Ma Jiexiu fried rice, etc. Fried Ma Jiexiu can be said to fully experience the meaty flavor of Ma Jiexiu. The fragrant mashed potatoes are mixed with shredded Ma Jiexiu fish, and the taste is really good. When you come to Macau, remember to give it a try. It is available in all Portuguese restaurants (some ordinary meals should also be available), and the taste will not be much different.

8. African Chicken

Macau travel guide
African Chicken

African chicken is a kind of authentic cuisine in Macau. It was introduced to Macau by the Portuguese in Mozambique (some say Angola) in Africa. After being improved by local chefs, it became the unique African chicken in Macau. African chicken is a standard dish in Portuguese cuisine. African chicken in traditional Portuguese cuisine is more dry, while the improved African chicken is rich in sauces. Before cooking African chicken, marinate half of the fresh chicken with spices for half a day, and then spread the sauce of more than 20 kinds of materials such as coconut milk, fresh milk, coconut paste, peanuts and red pepper, onion on the chicken surface , And then baked, served as a unique cuisine.

9. Treated beef rice

Macau travel guide
Treated beef rice

“Free-range beef rice” means “free-range beef”. “Free-range beef rice” means broken-down beef rice. Immunization is a sound translated from English mince, which means chopped, mince meat, and imminent meat, which means minced meat.

10. Big Dish Cake

Macau travel guide
Big Dish Cake

Cauliflower, stone flower jelly or agaric jelly is a traditional dessert made from stone flower cauliflower and then cooled. It is shaped like a jelly and looks like jelly. Dacai cake is a dessert made from stone cauliflower and then cooled. Da Cai Cake has become one of Macau’s famous snacks in recent years, and Taipa’s “Mo Yi Kee” is the most famous. Because the restaurant is located in a tourist hot spot, many tourists will use big dishes as desserts after meals. The most famous dessert in this shop is definitely the mango big cakes. The feeling of cold and smooth entrance is the best dessert to cool off in summer.

The above is the Macao cuisine shared with you. There are staple foods, snacks and desserts. There is always one for you.

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